Tshirts 2 Print - 20/10/2020

Tshirts 2 Print 
launches new site with online interactive
Product Designer.

T2PTshirts 2 Print (T2P) have today launched a brand new website that incorporates an online interactive Design Studio
The designer allows consumers to explore their creativity and design various products such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polo tops, mugs & much more directly on their browser or on tablet/mobile.

Scroll below to find out how to use the online Design Studio or troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

How to use our online Design Studio

Product. Choose the product you wish to design. It is important as this stage to select the right product and attribute such as whether you want to design 'front only' of a t-shirt or 'front & back'?
Click 'Design It' button which will take you to the designer. 
Here, you will see 3 attributes at the top: 
Background Colour: Simply means the colour of the garment. Choose your colour required (please note - colours are not exact and shades vary from the actual garment colour).
Text: In the text field type in the text you want and click 'add' button. This will open another field on the tabs which displays text attributes. 
First move & resize the text required as you wish and change the colour from the attributes section (important point to note here is the text when printed will be a close match to the colour on screen).
Select the font you want and then click anywhere outside of the text box whoch will now provide you a clean visual of your design.
Upload Image: This is where the fun really begins where you can upload any image of your choice to the garment/product (please not e- T2P will not be held liable for any copyright images uploaded for print and it is the responsibility of the consumer to check such laws before sending for print - although we may still refuse such prints if it is a known copyright/trademark design).
Click 'upload image' and simply select the image you wish to use on the product. Resize and place appropriately then simply click the download button or print button (on the right top corner of the Design Studio) to save a copy for yourself and then select 'Add to Cart' button to purchase.